Sue Hollywood Is A Massage Therapist From California

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Sue Hollywood Is A Massage Therapist From California

She started her career as a massage therapist in Beverly Hills and has worked with famous people. Sue was the personal masseuse of Marilyn Monroe and has worked on her, but has since retired. Recently, she became involved with Rob Reiner, who is director and writer of the hit movie “A Christmas Story.”

Sue specializes in reflexology and uses hands-on touch techniques. She uses her knowledge in therapeutic massages. Her center is in Studio City, California. She has been doing this type of work for over 35 years. Her style is very different than most others. She puts clients at the center of focus and makes sure that each one is given individual attention.

Sue is often seen dressed in a business like attire. When working with her, she will come up with a variety of costumes. These include sexy Santa, nurse, flight attendant and more.The client always knows that Texas she is being appreciated.

Sue has been doing this type of work for many years. She has been able to keep this business going because of the great respect that people have for her. Her customers feel that they are appreciated, and that she truly does enjoy what she does.In fact, she enjoys it so RMT much that she even has holiday parties now and then.

Sue is a very generous person. When a client comes in to see Sue, she wants them to leave a lasting impression. This is not always easy to do. It takes a lot of time to take care of all of the details. That is why many times, the massage therapist will give a discount or a free massage to encourage the person to come back.

Sue loves children.If there is an older child in the house, she gets to have a Grapevine massage with them as well. Of course, she also has a room specifically for massage sessions when there are kids in the house. That makes this business even more of a family affair.

Sue believes that kindness, patience and empathy are the keys to success as a massage therapist. When clients come in for a massage, she treats them like they are family. She even gives some of her clients’ holiday treats during the holiday season.

The holiday 817-233-6582 season is a busy time for most massage therapists. This means that she may need to offer additional holiday treats. She also makes sure that she gets the massage tables ready in time to give them out to her clients. Treats are


part of her business, and they do make up a large part of what she does each and every day.

She gets especially busy in the Christmas and New Year’s Eve months. During these months, it is very common for clients to come in for massages after they’ve eaten dinner.With all of the food and drinks that 110 S. Barton St. they need to have throughout the day, they sometimes forget about getting a massage on those days.

When a massage therapist offers extra holiday treats, it helps to bring in more clients during that period. Plus, when a person is in a rut and needs a little pick me up, a massage can be just what they need. There is no better way to feel appreciated by your client than to give them a treat. Most clients love receiving a massage after eating or drinking.

When 76051 Sue Hollywood serves alcohol or sedatives to her clients, it is because her clients really need it. Her patients also know that they can trust her when she is giving them a massage therapy. They have confidence in the therapist because they know that she has been doing a great job for other people for a long time. These are some of the reasons why many people hire the services of a massage therapist. There are so many benefits of choosing a massage therapist over other forms of therapists.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a massage therapist is that clients feel comfortable leaving their homes. Some people do not want to sit in the tub and soak while they get a massage. Others do not like the idea of someone being naked before them while they are getting a massage. Sue Hollywood takes care of all of these problems. She understands how important her customers feel to feel welcomed and comfortable at the spa